The Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church family is a very active Christian community serving South Carolina’s beautiful Grand Strand. As authentic Christians we strive to live our faith every day by serving those around us:  those in our church, our local community, the region and beyond. All are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to serve others in Christ’s name.  It’s also a great way to experience true joy in Christ, meet people and make new friends in the Ocean Drive family! Here’s a list of Missions and Ministries and contact information. Get involved!

Fellowship and Outreach Ministries

Care and Support Ministries

  • Care & Concern Ministry – Meets Wednesdays at 1pm; Ministers to our members who are hospitalized, shut-ins, ill.
    Contact Kathy Bazzarre  843-249-2312;
  • Well Spring Volunteers – Drivers trained to provide services to ODPC member in need.  Click for Information
    Contact Kathy Bazzarre  843-249-2312;
  • Bereavement Receptions – Prepare food, etc. for the family members that have lost a loved one.
    Contact Kim Brunette 843-997-5876;
  • Wedding Coordinator – Patsy O’Donnell 843-446-0301;
  • Griefshare – Helping those who grieve the loss of a loved one.  Click for Information
    Contact Gene Telego 843-280-3215;
  • Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group – Alzheimer’s Association, Myrtle Beach chapter meets monthly at Ocean Drive.  Open to all caregivers!
    Contact Kathy Bazzarre  843-249-2312;
  • ODPC Connections – Helping people find ways to serve, care and connect with others in our congregation.
    Contact Gay Daniels  571-330-7496;

Christian Education

Worship Ministries

Administration Ministries

  • Office Volunteers – Volunteer your time to help in the Church Office
    Contact Cindy Thompson  843-249-2312;
  • Ocean Drive Church Library – Open to all ODPC members; located near the Welcome Center
    Contact Diane Harris 781-608-3175,
  • Property Team – Oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the ODPC Campus, buildings and grounds.
    Contact Woodie Fox 843-249-0825;
  • Safety and Security Team –Provides church facility security and security during church functions.
    Contact Pat Priore 215-528-8929;
  • Membership – Welcome new members and connect them within ODPC
    Contact Mary Gail Stanaland 843-249-2312;

For more information or answers to questions about opportunities at Ocean Drive Presbyterian to get involved in Christian service fill in the form: