Ephesians 6:7 (NIV)  Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people…

ODPC’s media technology has a singular purpose, namely: to help communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ODPC’s Technical Arts and Media Team operates the church’s campus-wide audio, video, lighting, projection, and classroom media systems. ODPC’s systems and technology are networked, and include multiple video switchers, video cameras, audio boards, and HD projection systems.  A new digital LED sanctuary lighting system is saving the church thousands of dollars a year in electrical costs.

Equipped with a new cinema-grade video camera, we also produce quality videos for use in promoting various church ministries, offering personal testimonies, and to support sermon topics.

The “Tech Team” makes sermons, worship music, and classroom teaching easy to hear, see and understand. Every Sunday morning, Tech Team volunteers minister behind the scene as an essential ingredient of every worship service. Our goal is to help every person personally experience God through worship ~ to see, hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

ODPC’s technology systems are operated by everyday people who volunteer their time. Our volunteers operate equipment ranging from graphics computers, to video cameras, projectors, video switchers, audio and other devices. We are grateful to God for what they make possible every Sunday.

Can you volunteer to help? No prior skill or experience is needed! You can serve on the Tech Team even if you have no technical background!  If you know how to send text messages and check email, you’ll find our technology easy to learn and very simple to operate. Serving on the tech team is a joyful experience as you bless those around you in Christ’s name! To volunteer, call Ethan Harris at 843-249-2312 ext 123, or email eharris@odpc.org!  Get Involved!!