Evangelism & Outreach Ministry

Mission statement: Together, we are sent by God to present the salvation and Lordship of Jesus Christ to the residents and visitors of North Strand, America and the World.
Purpose: To encourage, equip and support those called by God to witness and serve throughout our community, nation and the world, across a variety of cultures and ethnic divisions by:
     Creating a sent-by-God heart in our congregation
     Identifying individuals and groups currently responding to God’s call outside the ODPC congregation
     Identifying and encouraging people within ODPC to respond to the sending call of God
     Encouraging those sent by God through spiritual, financial and practical assistance
     Fostering inter-denomational involvement in our outreach
     Identfying and planning short-term mission projects
     Planting new churches (local, national and international)
     Prayerfully administering the ODPC mission support
     Deliberately balancing our support locally, nationally and internationally
The ODPC Evangelism and Outreach Ministry is recruiting effective and motivated team members. Currently this ministry is involved with 30 International, National and Local Mission activities and these teams are made up of International and Local responsibilities in regards to: Implementation (Identifying long and short term goals), Interpretation (Articles for the ODPC Messenger, Sanctuary Screen, Narthex information etc), Strategy (Identify missions and evaluation), Sending (Identify short term mission projects and encourage missionaries), Communication (Keep in contact with supported missions and report) and Stewardship with Budget recommendations for yearly support activities.
These are only highlights of the exciting challenges that this Ministry has in front of them, while remembering that ODPC supports spreading the “Good News” around the world.
For Being Involved and Getting Involved, contact Harold Wiegel at hwiegel0328@gmail.com.
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