The Last Minute Love Wedding

What do you do when your wedding in Columbia, South America is canceled because of Covid? And your Bahamas honeymoon is still scheduled but you’re not going to be able to get married beforehand?

You call your church and ask for a last minute wedding. That’s what happened to Inman Love and his bride to be Maria Fernanda Johnson. The couple had finished their pre-marital counseling with Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church (ODPC) Associate Pastor Kelly Gabriele, and they and their families had booked flights and arrangements for their wedding in South America when their trip was suddenly canceled.

The groom’s mom called and asked if the church could handle a last minute wedding. ODPC welcomed the opportunity to help the young couple with the “Love Wedding” and they were wed Friday February 5. ODPC technical director Joe Meckley even put together a live stream on You Tube for the bride’s family to watch the ceremony down in South American.

Inman and Maria were given a South American symbol of unity pictured called a “Unity Lasso.” It was used in the ceremony to represent the binding together of two people for marriage for life. The Pastor tied the two together at the end of the service and Inman and Mary Love walked down the aisle bound to one another. In their case we call it the “Lasso of Love.”

The Ocean Drive Presbyterian church family wish Inman and Maria a wonderful life together as husband and wife.

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